Q: If I have multiple events around the country, can The Staging Department support them in all the cities?

A: Yes, with equipment & labor on each coast, The Staging Department provides audio visual support on many events around the country and around the world and has been doing so for many years.

Q: If I have an event outside the country, can The Staging Department support it?

A: Yes, through our strategic partnerships, The Staging Department has been supporting our customers’ shows and events around the world for many years, with great success. Because of our experience and long-standing relationships, The Staging Department, can often provide standard rates no matter the location. From Los Angeles to Montreal to London or Hong Kong, we’ve produced an event there.

Q: What is the benefit to using an outside audio visual company like The Staging Department?

A: The benefits and values are great. The Staging Department offers personalized service no matter the event size or location which gives our clients familiarity with our producers and crew. In doing this, we gain a personal knowledge of your event and can create customized services accordingly. By working directly with you throughout the event planning process, our clients also have the comfort of knowing they can work with the same crew on all of their events season after season. The packaged pricing we offer around the country gives you an added financial benefit.

Q: I have a tight budget, how can I get packaged pricing or a discounted rate?

A: The Staging Department consistently works with budgets and always finds a solution that meets the needs of the event and comes in at the required price. In addition, we offer packaged pricing for multiple events or annual events.

Q: Can The Staging Department handle the Sound, Lighting, Video, Projection and the Set?

A: Yes. With our years of experience and extensive inventory The Staging Department handles everything in-house. With our ever changing inventory of new equipment, and talented staff, The Staging Department can design, implement and produce a successful event from start to finish.